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Such Were Some of You - Leader's Edition (DVD)

The same DVD as the regular edition, plus a Leader's Discussion Guide & License for Free Screenings.

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Such Were Some of You - Regular Edition (DVD)

This 2-hour documentary tells the story of how people develop homosexual confusion and how Jesus Christ brings healing from those things that contribute to their same-sex attractions. Includes experts like Drs. Michael Brown, Robert Gagnon, Neil Anders

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How Do You Like Me Now? - DVD

What do you do when a loved one tells you they're homosexual? How do you bear witness to the biblical reality without losing their love & affection? This is a critical resource for the Body of Christ. Watch Joe Dallas & others who hav

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Pure Passion TV - Season 8 DVD - Episode 18: Anne Paulk; Episode 19: Stephen Black

1. Anne describes how early childhood sexual abuse led to an attraction to women and how the voice of God called her out of lesbianism. 2. Victimized by men throughout his childhood, Stephen found himself driven by homosexual compulsions.

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Pure Passion TV - Season 9 DVD - Episode 1: Dr. Neil Anderson; Episode 2: Rob Jackson

1. Dr. Anderson boils down the complicated issues surrounding sexual brokenness to the most vital steps to take to become free. 2. Look inside the mind of a person in bondage to porn and masturbation, and what brings healing & freedo

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Pure Passion TV - Season 9 DVD - Episodes 9&10: Dr. Michael Brown - Pts 1&2

1. & 2. Dr. Michael Brown Answers the Toughest Questions About Homosexuality - Pts 1&2

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Pure Passion TV - Season 9 DVD - Episodes 11&12: Dr. Robert Gagnon - Pts 1&2

1. & 2. A masterful exposition of the biblical texts concerning human sexuality (and homosexuality in particular) by the world's foremost scholar on the subject.

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Pure Passion TV - Season 10 DVD - Episodes 1&2: Walter Heyer Pts 1&2

1. Walter Heyer tells his fascinating story while detailing the causes & effects of gender dysphoria. 2. He continues his story & tells of the power of knowing who he truly is - in Christ.

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Pure Passion TV - Season 10 DVD - Episode 3: Ingraham; Episode 4: Kliewer & Rodgers

1. Garry & Melissa discuss married life after same sex attraction. 2. Bryan married into a family who had a loved one with same-sex attraction (bonus segment from former SSA Jill Rodgers)

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Pure Passion TV - Season 10 DVD - Episode 5: Ginger Haan; Episode 6: Carol Wagstaff

1. Ginger talks about discovering the secret homosexual life of her minister husband. 2. Carol discovered that her pastor husband was homosexual.

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Homosexuality: A Biblical Discussion 2 DVD Set

Pastor Steve Berger and David Kyle Foster enter into a deep and comprehensive discussion of homosexuality - what the Bible says about it, how it happens, and what God does to bring transformation to the life of someone yielded to Him.

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The Life & Ministry of Andrew Comiskey - The Complete Interview

This is the complete interview with Andrew Comiskey that includes material not found in the two broadcast episodes.

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Pure Passion Season 7 TV DVD [CC] - Episode 17: Jenna Quinn; Episode 18: Melissa Woodward

17. Jenna describes her story of being sexually abused by her father's best friend and how he was brought to justice. 18. Melissa tells the story of her childhood abuse - how she was trafficked from a very early age and found her way to Jesus, as savio

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Pure Passion Season 7 TV DVD [CC] - Episode 27: Tracey Bickle - Pt 1; Episode 28: Tracey Bickle - Pt 2

27. Tracey describes her life as part of a very dysfunctional family system, her sexual abuse and the beautiful ways that God has brought redemption. 28. Tracey completes the story of her life and the beautiful ways that God has brought redemption.

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Pure Passion Season 7 TV DVD [CC] - Episode 31: Kristy Childs; Episode 32: Dean Bailey

31. The touching story of a sexually abused young girl who became a prostitute before finding her true lover - Jesus Christ. 32. Dean traces his need for male touch and affirmation to his homosexual confusion and to its healing.

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Pure Passion TV - Season 2 DVD - Episode 1: Joe Dallas; Episode 2: Diane Langberg

1. A testimony of molestation as a boy, years in the gay lifestyle, addiction to pornography, involvement in the gay church and God's rescue. 2. Dr. Langberg describes the pain of child sexual abuse and the ways God brings hope and healing.

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Pure Passion TV - Season 2 DVD - Episode 1: Dr Warren Throckmorton; Episode 2: Booth/Johnson

1. Dr. Throckmorton gives an overview of the scientific studies that claim a genetic cause for homosexuality. 2. Women from the United Methodist and Presbyterian Church give an overview of gay church politics.

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Love, The Bible & Homosexual Practice Conference DVD set with Dr. Robert Gagnon

The most brilliant exposition of the biblical texts applicable to homosexuality you have probably ever seen. Includes 3 DVDs plus a bonus CD of an additional 4th lecture from this New Testament scholar.

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Pure Passion Season 4 TV DVD - Episode 5: Stephen Arterburn; Episode 6: Jan Frank

Episode 1: Christian psychologist Arterburn talks about everyman´s battle - sex addiction. Episode 2: Jan Frank describes lessons learned from her own childhood sexual abuse.

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Pure Passion Season 4 TV DVD - Episode 11: Ron & Judy Radachy Pt 1; Episode 12: Radachys Pt 2

Leaders of "Oasis of Hollywood" talk about rescuing at-risk children and teenagers from the mean streets of Hollywood for over 30 years and discipling them into a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Pure Passion Season 4 TV DVD - Episode 13: Carol Wagstaff; Episode 14: David Zailer

1. A woman who unwittingly married a gay man tells her story and what she learned about healing the homosexual. 2. A former porn actor talks about his sexual addiction and the healing that he found through Jesus Christ.

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Pure Passion Season 4 TV DVD - Episode 19: Dan Davis; Episode 20: Bruce Sonnenberg

1. A married man who contracted AIDS early in the pandemic and who has survived with the help of his wife tells his moving story. 2. One of the first pastors to open his church to people with AIDS talks about how he ministers to victims worldwide.

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Homosexual Confusion: Understood & Healed DVD by David Kyle Foster

The complete teaching by David on how homosexual confusion forms and how God heals it.

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Pure Passion TV Season 5 DVD: Episode 1: Annie Loebert; Episode 2: Pamela Ousley

1. After years as a high class prostitute, how Jesus rescued her from certain death and what she is now doing to rescue others. 2. Pamela shares her story of growing up lesbian and what Jesus Christ has done to set her free.

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Pure Passion TV Season 5 DVD: Episode 1: Rob Jackson; Episode 2: Mary Heathman

1. A look deep inside the mind & heart of the person trapped in bondage to porn & masturbation, and what brings healing and freedom. 2. Sex Offenders Who Molest Teens & Children: finding freedom from bondage for the ephebophile and pedophil

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Pure Passion TV Season 5 DVD: Episode 1: Craig Hill; Episode 2: Mae Collins

1. Malcolm continues to describe how the love and grace of God teach us to say "No" to ungodliness and to live upright, godly lives in this present age - eager to do what is good. 2. Listen as Mae tells the story of what man did to her a

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Pure Passion TV Season 5 DVD: Episode 1: Laura Gallier; Episode 2: Dr. Sandra Wilson

1: Laura teaches parents how to talk to their teens about sex and gives teens reasons to wait until marriage. 2: Sandy tells the story of her own childhood sexual abuse and the process by which God healed her through finding intimacy with Him.

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Pure Passion TV Season 5 DVD: Episode 1: Jonathan Daugherty Pt 1; Episode 2: Jonathan Daugherty Pt 2

1: Jonathan talks about the childhood influences that helped mold him into a major sex addict. 2: Jonathan talks about the provision God has made for sexually bound people that can free them from their addictions and return them to purity.

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Pure Passion TV Season 5 DVD: Episode 1: Dave Bartels; Episode 2: Lee Preston

1: David tells the story of his own sexual abuse as a child and the resultant use of underaged porn that sent him to jail. 2: Lee reveals the story of early exposure to porn, sexual abuse as a teenager and the marriage that they helped destroy.

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Pure Passion TV Season 5 DVD: Episode 1: Becca Greenwood Pt 1; Episode 2: Becca Greenwood Pt 2

1: An excellent journey through the circumstances under which deliverance is required and the varied forms that it can take. 2: Becca continues to teach and tell stories of how Jesus sets the captive free through spiritual warfare.

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Pure Passion TV Season 5 DVD: Episode 1: Harry Schaumburg Pt 1; Episode 2: Harry Schaumburg Pt 2

1. Dr. Schaumburg talks about the world of the sex addict as being one of pursuing a false intimacy out of selfishness and a fear of true intimacy. 2. The maintenance program that most therapy provides and the transformation program that God offers.

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Pure Passion Season 5 TV DVD - Episode 23: Patricia King; Episode 24: Shanta Sapkota

1. Amazing stories of trafficked girls who´ve been rescued by God from the streets of the world. 2. The rescue and rehabilitation of sex trafficking victims in Nepal & India who endure years of sex slavery in the brothels of Mumbai.

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Pure Passion Season 5 TV DVD - Episode 25: Angus Hunter; Episode 26: Tim & Anne Evans

1. One of YWAM´s top speakers worldwide reveals the glorious divine plan behind our sexuality and its expression. 2. Answers to the tough questions concerning pornography, masturbation, and oral & anal sex.

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Pure Passion Season 6 TV DVD - Episode 13: Angela Williams; Episode 14: Tom Scales

13. An amazing story of surviving extreme childhood sexual and physical abuse and abandonment by the author of From Sorrows to Sapphires. 14. Tom reveals the brutal sexual abuse that he suffered as a child at the hands of Cath

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