Child Sexual Abuse

Articles for Freedom from Child Sexual Abuse (Below)

Damage caused by child sexual abuse takes place at every level - spirit, soul and body. The belief system of the victim gets distorted. Their ability to trust and to feel safe gets compromised. They often struggle with faith in God. This damage can and must be carefully addressed and healed in partnership with God through the leading of His Holy Spirit.

Those who commit child sexual abuse must also receive help so that their tendency to commit such highly sinful and destructive acts will be brought to an end. If we ignore their healing, statistics are very clear that they will reoffend many times more. So it is vital that they experience the same spiritual transformation that is required for us all to live a life of wholeness and freedom.

Effective help for both offender and survivor of child sexual abuse is available through those Christian counselors who provide programs founded on biblical truths. Though rare, there are programs that have been designed to help those who experience a vulnerability to committing acts of child sexual abuse. This includes men and women who sexually abuse children (pedophiles) and teenagers (ephebophiles). Freedom from the tendency to commit such abuse is possible only through the power of Christ. Living a Spirit-led life of purity and righteousness is possible through the assistance of the Holy Spirit and mature Christian leaders who are trained to provide ministry for abuse survivors, sex addicts and those who commit child sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse committed by a spiritual leader is particularly damaging because the child’s imperfect perception often then sees God as being directly involved in causing or allowing their abuse. In recent years, the Church has finally begun to rise up and is providing the transforming help required for those impacted by child sexual abuse. Offenders are now beginning to experience the freedom offered by the power of the Cross, and victims in ministry sessions are seeing the love of God being poured through a Lord who weeps over the evil that men and women do to one another, a Lord who allowed evil men to kill Him so that it will one day stop.

Effective help for those who have experienced a vulnerability for child sexual abuse is finally becoming available. The failed psychological approach is slowly being replaced by a biblical approach that addresses the multiple broken levels (spiritual and psychological) resident within those who are often victims of child sexual abuse themselves. There is now hope for those who struggle with a tendency to commit child sexual abuse, as well as homosexual confusion, heterosexual sexual addiction and all other forms of sexual addiction. Christian programs are available that specialize in counseling child sexual abuse offenders and in providing them withthe tools available in Christ to live a life free of the drive to prey on those most vulnerable among us.